Green Party Labels Women “Non-men”

UK – In a stroke of irony, the far left-leaning Green Party of England  and Wales ended up bending a little too far recently when it called members of the young and feminist branches of the party “non-men,” according to this article by Breitbart.

Spokespeople for the party explained that it was an attempt to be inclusive of those who did not fit into a binary model of gender. However, as the backlash soon made clear, it was a mistake that some saw as taking the cause of feminist language back about 60 years.

“I am not non male,” Beatrix Campbell tweeted, “not cis woman, not a non lion, not a non bicycle, not a non fish and definitely non happy.”

The younger branch of the Green Party stated, “We currently use ‘non-male’ because this is inclusive other non-binary genders which have a place in our group”.

No group of people wants to be known by what they are not. I acknowledge that I’ve used the term “non-binary” as a short-hand to describe people as well as the term “gender”.  But we need better terms, UK Green Party. How ’bout we use “women” for women, whether by birth or identity? And perhaps say something like “all gender identities welcome” when recruiting at large?

[For the record, I think the term “cis” is useful as a way for allies of transgender people to denote themselves in some contexts.]

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