Sex and justice. Peace and justice.  I believe in creating a culture that is inclusive, tolerant, free-speech affirming, constitution-upholding, and sex positive.  I believe that dollars should be spent on social programs and domestic agenda rather than defense, that roads and schools and social security are more important than any individual’s  or corporation’s profit or gain.  I believe in the strong protecting the weak.  I believe that no individual is useless to society, that often the sick, old, young, or disabled contribute a great deal to society.  I believe that a healthy society values contributions beyond the merely economic.  And I want to see a world that is ecologically sound, in which people can live at peace with each other and with the world around them.

And in this sex-negative-drenched, materialistic, grab-it-all, go go go culture, I believe that promoting sexual agency and egalitarianism, sex positivity, is one way to achieve the kind of society I want to live in. We are at a crucial time in our species.  And we have an obligation to evolve.


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